No, the town shops or shops are responsible for their individual product delivery.
Sorry, we don’t provide any discounts. Your hop may provide the same on their own basis.
No, presently online payments are not available on towneshop. However, we are working on it, shall inform you once we implement it. Presently, cash on delivery is the online available option.
In case of disputes you must get in touch with the local shop or the local administration in extreme cases. You can send us a mail explaining the inconvenience, and depending on the severity we may down grade or even remove the shop from our database.
We help you to buy commodities from your area. Therefore, no price difference is there; you get online and easily, what you have been buying manually since several years. Further, in case of disputes you can reach the shop quickly and resolve the dispute then and there instead of waiting for email responses and other lengthy procedures.
You can mail us at support@towneshop.com; we shall be more than honored to resolve the problem at the earliest.
We shall duly mention the home delivery charges of a particular shop online. However, if they over charge you, you can simply mail us at support@towneshop.com; we will take necessary action in this regard within 48 hours. Also, in extreme cases, we may remove the shop from our database.
Yes, anyone can get registered with towneshop free of cost. Even if you don’t have an actual shop, you can sell your products through the virtual shop of our portal. However, the quality of service should not be affected in any manner.